Explanation of Japanese in UI

キャラクター = Character

所持品ウィンドウ = Inventory window

アイテムをすべて捨てる = Drop all item

ステータス = status

空腹度 = hunger gauge

水分度 = Thirst gauge

レベル = Level

ドラッグして装備 = Drag to equip

ステータスバー = status bar

スキルバー = skill bar

How to build

Craft and use building items

From the belongings item window to the character window

Drag it to the slot of the hammer icon and equip it

Rotate 90 degrees with mouse wheel

crowbar equip

cursor aim to building

Right click to delete

Building Item list

Waepon equip 

From the belongings item window to the character window

Weapon is dragged to hand gun icon and ammo to bullet icon

Equipped with bullets First reload is omitted

Waepon Item list


Correspond to buttons 1 to 9 from the left

Equipped with building items and trap items

Equipped with the skill bar when used.


Hunger gauge I get damage when I become 0

Eat food and recover

Thirst gauge When you get 0 you get damage

Eat apples and vegetables and recover

Health degree decreases when ingesting raw meat and raw water

It gets damaged when it becomes 0