game control

Problems that can only move in a certain direction

Press the O key of the once

Or O key to move while hitting it

First-aid measures to be taken in case of beating motion or attack motion

Please press T button to release weapons equipment

If you press the T button again you can equip weapons

Save location of save data,

C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\AjiGohanGames\Survival Method_beta

If you delete, save data will disappear.

Go forward [W]
Go Backward [S]
Go to the right [D]
Go to the left [A]
Crouch [C]
Gun fire [LeftMouseButton]
Camera zoom [RightMouseButton]
reload [R]
No waepon [T]
Action [F]
Flash light [V]
Camera FPS mode [N]
FPS mode disable [M]
Peace hand sign [L]
Craft window [E]
Inventory window [TAB]

Change clothes


Removing equipped clothes and equipping new clothes


About the respawn spot

The spawnpoint is the newest bed you set up yourself,

If there is no installed bed, it is the default spawn point.

If you died without installing a bed in the laboratory map, you will respawn in the room on the top floor of the laboratory.

The item will drop at the player dead place.

If you respawn you will recover completely


UI explanation